2000mAh NOAA Emergency Weather Radio PowerBank

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  • FosPower's emergency radio incorporates a 2000mAh power bank capable of providing emergency power to any small tablet or phone. Use the emergency weather radio's 3 power sources when you need a boost of power or need to recharge the radio. The radio's crank lever and solar panel are both capable of regenerating enough power to keep the radio, lights, and SOS alarm ready to go when you need it most. 
  • The emergency crank radio can also provide light. The 4 LED reading light and 1W flashlight provides enough output to keep you and your loved ones out of the dark in an emergency situation.
  • The radio will dependably receive up to the second emergency weather forecasts and emergency news broadcasts from NOAA and AM/FM stations.

Customer Reviews

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S. Keene
Works Great!

It is just as described. I tried everything out and it works great! It is small so easy to carry in backpack or tote. The radio comes in loud & clear. AM, FM & weather channel. I live in Florida so this is a necessity. Several ways to get power which I like and if all else fails you have the crank. It has a USB port & a standard slot for charging your cell phone!Sturdy/well made.....I highly recommend.

A must have for any household!

They say in a disaster you need a radio just like this so I bought this after some research. Its wild just how many ways it can power up hand crank, batteries and USB and some others I haven't read into yet.This is exactly what you need for things like natural disasters. I live on the coast of Georgia so hurricanes are a real issue.The sound quality isn't the greatest, but this isn't meant to be for entertainment. Having this little guy gives me piece of mind.

Joseph J. Lisboa
Product Critically needed on disaster events

The new product is handy for any disaster situation. I live in an area of earthquakes, when,if it occurred, possibly all communications, light and power will be lost. In this effort the product could resolve several emergency issues, like power/light. By using the product I could charge my cell phone which would allow me to contact resources needed in that emergency. Similarly, the unit light and radio would be enormous help in in those situations. I am glad I got it and plan to donate one unit to another family memberThank youJoseph

sophie leia fisher
Good buy!

Brilliant for camping I had an no electric pitch so it was charging my phone for the week!

Josh Matthews
Great for blackouts

The product works as described, the flashlight is very handy and the fact that you have so many charging options is very good. The radio works well, the crank works, the product seems lightweight. I have not used it extensively but have tested it so far and it works very well. I will come back and update for durability once I have used it for a year or so.